pytest Plugins Compatibility

This page shows results of compatibility tests between pytest plugins against different versions of the python interpreter.

The plugins are listed and tested automatically from PyPI. For more information, please see

PyPI projects that declare the Framework :: Pytest classifier or whose name starts with pytest- are considered plugins.

Note: although some may appear as "broken" keep in mind that all dependencies may not be installed during testing, particularly if a dependency is too big or requires a dedicated server (such as pytest-jira, which requires a jira server, or pytest-qt, which requires PyQt or PySide, both which take a long time to install). Take the information you find here with a grain of salt, and rely on each plugin's homepage for up-to-date compatibility information.

pytest-5.2.0: 737 plugins
Name Description py36 py37
AN-DiscordBot-3.9.4 A highly customisable Discord bot
ANBOT-3.1.0 A highly customisable Discord bot
Blue-DiscordBot-3.2.0 A highly customisable Discord bot
BotEXBotBase-3.1.3 A highly customisable Discord bot
Bussator-0.2 A webmention receiver and publisher, written in Python (WSGI application)
CrApsim-0.0.1a0 Creates Apsim-Project files from given parameters and files.
Cuckoo-2.0.7a1 Automated Malware Analysis System
Findex-GUI-0.2.18 Multi-purpose search engine for various protocols.
Flask-Dance-2.2.0 Doing the OAuth dance with style using Flask, requests, and oauthlib
PyOTRS-0.4.1 Python wrapper for OTRS (using REST API)
PyTestReport- The HTML Report for Python unit testing Base on HTMLTestRunner
Red-DiscordBot-3.1.5 A highly customisable Discord bot
Socks5man-0.2.0 SOCKS5 server management tool and library
aiida-pytest-0.1.0a4 A module to simplify using pytest for AiiDA plugins.
aiohttp-json-rpc- Implementation JSON-RPC 2.0 server and client using aiohttp on top of websockets transport
aiomisc-9.2.6 aiomisc - miscellaneous utils for asyncio
aiomisc-dependency-0.1.7 aiomisc-dependency - dependency injection in aiomisc
aioswitcher-2019.8.28 Switcher Boiler Unofficial Bridge and API.
alauda-xdist-1.30.1 pytest xdist plugin for distributed testing and loop-on-failing modes
allure-pytest-2.8.6 Allure pytest integration
alt-pytest-asyncio-0.5 Alternative pytest plugin to pytest-asyncio
appdaemontestframework-2.5.1 Clean, human-readable tests for Appdaemon
automock-1.2.0 Utility to allow some functions to be 'mocked by default' when running tests.
backports.unittest-mock-1.5 Make unittest.mock available on older Pythons
basepage-1.7.2 A wrapper for WebDriver that provides some extended and additional functionality
bcdc-apitests-dev-0.2.9 API testing for BC Data Catalog
beachfront-0.2.5 library extracting coastline regions from raster data
bugcatcher-0.0.9 Faster Than Light Command Line Test Client
ci-watson-0.4 CI helper for STScI Jenkins
configa-1.1.0 Python config wrapper, with added goodness
cornichon-0.9.3 A small Gherkin DSL parser that generates stub code
ctip-0.1.0 Extendible configuration testing in parallel.
cuckoo-brood-0.1 Cuckoo Sandbox Setup Monitoring
datastructs-0.2.2 Module created to facilitate the creation and use of data structures
datatest-0.9.6 Test driven data-wrangling and data validation.
decopatch-1.4.1 Create decorators easily in python.
divide-and-cover-0.1.1 Picky test coverage for pytest
django-compress-field-0.9.9 Automantic compress files after upload
django-test-plus-1.3.1 django-test-plus provides useful additions to Django's default TestCase
docker-integration-0.0.3 A pytest fixture to provide Docker integration.
docker-services-0.3.2 Uses docker to spawn containers for services required during tests
egghatch-0.2.3 Cuckoo Sandbox Shellcode Identification & Formatting
falcon-toolkit-0.0.1 Collection of utils for the Falcon Framework
feedbackbot-0.0.2 Simple slack bot for providing teammates with anonymous feedback
fpr-infra-0.1.9 Python utilities for packer/pyinfra/pytest deploiments
fpr-packer-0.2.3a1 Python utilities for packer deploiments
fsforge-0.3.7 Helper to create fake filesystem and quick capture its state (or state of a real one).
gambit-bromine-0.3.1 Pythonic web testing
ghlinguist-1.0.0 simple command-line parser of GitHub Linguist Ruby program.
goodness-of-fit-1.0.1 Function set for goodness of fit measure between two signals
goodplay-0.9.1 goodplay enables you to test your deployments and distributed software infrastructure by reusing your existing knowledge of Ansible.
hark-1.0.0.dev3 a simple virtual machine management tool
hark-builder-1.0.0.dev6 tool to build hark images
hark-imagestore-1.0.0.dev4 image store service for the hark tool
httptesting-1.2.4 Httptesting HTTP(s) interface testing framework.
hyaml-0.1.5 HYAML is a one-liner oriented language
hypothesis-4.9.0 A library for property based testing
hypothesis-gufunc-0.0.5rc2 Extension to hypothesis to generate inputs for general universal (GU) numpy functions.
jabstract-0.1.3 Test tool for overridable json fixtures
jaraco.mongodb-9.4b5 Routines and classes supporting MongoDB environments
jaraco.postgres-5.0 PostgreSQL services by jaraco
kubetest-0.4.3 A Kubernetes integration test framework in Python.
labgrid-0.1.0 labgrid: lab hardware and software control layer
libpythonprosfx-0.2 Módulo para exemplificar construção de projetos Python no curso PyTools
loofah-0.2.0rc0 A pytest-based tool to list test fixtures declared but not used in a test
mal-scraper-0.3.0 MyAnimeList web scraper
maxpytest-1.0.3 Command line utility for using the Pytest testing framework in 3ds Max
mock-aerohive-0.0.2 A mock SSH server emulating Aerohive devices
molecule-azure-0.1 Azure Molecule Plugin :: run molecule tests on Azure
mutatest-1.0.0 Python mutation testing: test your tests!
mutmut-1.6.0 mutation testing for Python 3
nanaimo-0.0.9 Framework for automating tests involving hardware test fixtures.
nbsmoke-0.2.8 Basic notebook checks. Do they run? Do they contain lint?
nbval-0.9.3 A py.test plugin to validate Jupyter notebooks
ncephes-1.0.5 Python interface for the Cephes library.
onaji-0.1.2 A tool for creating regression tests through logging data during pytest runs.
osa_differ-0.0.2 Find changes between OpenStack-Ansible versions
parasolr-0.4.0 Lightweight python library for Solr indexing, searching and schema management with optional Django integration.
pipefish-0.4.2 Process JUnit XML and Cobertura coverage XML reports into Markdown
play-selenium-0.0.3 pytest plugin that let you drive a browser with Selenium
purerpc-0.5.2 Asynchronous pure Python gRPC client and server implementation supporting asyncio, uvloop, curio and trio
py3-bp-0.0.4 Ultimate template for new Python 3 projects
pyDbOracle-0.4.2 Standard Oracle Using (queries, updates, inserts)
pyfrc-2019.1.0 Development tools library for python interpreter used for the FIRST Robotics Competition
pymox-0.7.9.dev38 Mock object framework
pypi-foreverchaos-test- A small example package
pypom-form-0.3.1 pypom_form
pysnap-1.0.1 Snapshot Testing utils for Python
pytest-Inomaly-0.2.5 A simple image diff plugin for pytest
pytest-aggreport-0.1.4 pytest plugin for pytest-repeat that generate aggregate report of the same test cases with additional statistics details.
pytest-aiofiles-0.2.0 pytest fixtures for writing aiofiles tests with pyfakefs
pytest-aiohttp-0.3.0 pytest plugin for aiohttp support
pytest-aioworkers-0.2.0 A plugin to test aioworkers project with pytest
pytest-airflow-0.0.3 pytest support for airflow.
pytest-allclose-1.0.0 Pytest fixture extending Numpy's allclose function
pytest-allure-adaptor-1.7.10 Plugin for py.test to generate allure xml reports
pytest-allure-adaptor2-1.7.11 Plugin for py.test to generate allure xml reports
pytest-allure-dsl-0.0.9 pytest plugin to test case doc string dls instructions
pytest-android-2019.2a3 This fixture provides a configured "driver" for Android Automated Testing, using uiautomator2.
pytest-annotate-1.0.3 pytest-annotate: Generate PyAnnotate annotations from your pytest tests.
pytest-ansible-2.2.2 Plugin for py.test to simplify calling ansible modules from tests or fixtures
pytest-ansible-playbook-0.4.1 Pytest fixture which runs given ansible playbook file.
pytest-ansible-playbook-runner-0.0.2 Pytest fixture which runs given ansible playbook file.
pytest-antilru-1.0.5 Bust functools.lru_cache when running pytest to avoid test pollution
pytest-aoc-1.3a0 Downloads puzzle inputs for Advent of Code and synthesizes PyTest fixtures
pytest-apistellar-0.2.0 apistellar plugin for pytest.
pytest-appengine-0.0.2 AppEngine integration that works well with pytest-django
pytest-approvaltests-0.1.1 A plugin to use approvaltests with pytest
pytest-arraydiff-0.3 pytest plugin to help with comparing array output from tests
pytest-asptest-0.1.0 test Answer Set Programming programs
pytest-assert-utils-0.0.1 Useful assertion utilities for use with pytest
pytest-assertutil-0.0.2 pytest-assertutil
pytest-assume-2.2.0 A pytest plugin that allows multiple failures per test
pytest-ast-back-to-python-1.2.1 A plugin for pytest devs to view how assertion rewriting recodes the AST
pytest-astropy-0.5.0 Meta-package containing dependencies for testing
pytest-async-mongodb-0.0.1.dev3 pytest plugin for async MongoDB
pytest-asyncio-0.9.0 Pytest support for asyncio.
pytest-asyncio-network-simulator-0.1.0a2 pytest-asyncio-network-simulator: Plugin for pytest for simulator the network in tests
pytest-atomic-2.0.0 Skip rest of tests if previous test failed.
pytest-attrib-0.1.3 pytest plugin to select tests based on attributes similar to the nose-attrib plugin
pytest-auto-parametrize-0.1.0 pytest plugin: avoid repeating arguments in parametrize
pytest-autochecklog-0.2.0 automatically check condition and log all the checks
pytest-avoidance-0.3.0 Makes pytest skip tests that don not need rerunning
pytest-aws-0.1.0 pytest plugin for testing AWS resource configurations
pytest-axe-1.1.6 pytest plugin for axe-selenium-python
pytest-azurepipelines-1.0.0rc1 Formatting PyTest output for Azure Pipelines UI
pytest-azurepipelines42-0.8.3 Formatting PyTest output for Azure Pipelines UI
pytest-bandit-0.5.2 A bandit plugin for pytest
pytest-base-url-1.4.1 pytest plugin for URL based testing
pytest-bdd-3.2.1 BDD for pytest
pytest-bdd-splinter-0.4.0 Common steps for pytest bdd and splinter integration
pytest-beakerlib-0.7.1 A pytest plugin that reports test results to the BeakerLib framework
pytest-beds-0.3.0 Fixtures for testing Google Appengine (GAE) apps
pytest-bench-0.3.0 Benchmark utility that plugs into pytest.
pytest-benchmark-3.2.2 A ``py.test`` fixture for benchmarking code. It will group the tests into rounds that are calibrated to the chosen timer. See calibration_ and FAQ_.
pytest-bigchaindb-0.1.0 A BigchainDB plugin for pytest.
pytest-black-0.3.7 A pytest plugin to enable format checking with black
pytest-black-multipy-1.0.0 Allow '--black' on older Pythons
pytest-blame-0.1.7 A pytest plugin helps developers to debug by providing useful commits history.
pytest-blink1-0.0.8 Pytest plugin to emit notifications via the Blink(1) RGB LED
pytest-blockage-0.2.2 Disable network requests during a test run.
pytest-blocker-0.2 pytest plugin to mark a test as blocker and skip all other tests
pytest-board-0.1.0 Local continuous test runner with pytest and watchdog.
pytest-bpdb-0.1.4 A py.test plug-in to enable drop to bpdb debugger on test failure.
pytest-breed-adapter-1.2.0 A simple plugin to connect with breed-server
pytest-browser-0.2.0 A pytest plugin for console based browser test selection just after the collection phase
pytest-browsermob-proxy-0.1 BrowserMob proxy plugin for py.test.
pytest-browserstack-local-0.5.0 ``py.test`` plugin to run ``BrowserStackLocal`` in background.
pytest-bug-0.2.2 Pytest plugin Mark test as a bug
pytest-bugzilla-0.2 py.test bugzilla integration plugin
pytest-bugzilla-notifier-1.1.9 A plugin that allows you to execute create, update, and read information from BugZilla bugs
pytest-buildkite-0.2.0 Plugin for pytest that automatically publishes coverage and pytest report annotations to Buildkite.
pytest-bwrap-0.1 Run your tests in Bubblewrap sandboxes
pytest-cache-1.0 pytest plugin with mechanisms for caching across test runs
pytest-cagoule-0.3.0 Pytest plugin to only run tests affected by changes
pytest-camel-collect-1.0.1 Enable CamelCase-aware pytest class collection
pytest-caprng-0.1.0 A plugin that replays pRNG state on failure.
pytest-capture-deprecatedwarnings-0.2 pytest plugin to capture all deprecatedwarnings and put them in one file
pytest-capturelog-0.7 py.test plugin to capture log messages
pytest-cases-1.9.3 Separate test code from test cases in pytest.
pytest-cassandra-0.1.0 Cassandra CCM Test Fixtures for pytest
pytest-catchlog-1.2.2 py.test plugin to catch log messages. This is a fork of pytest-capturelog.
pytest-chalice-0.0.4 A set of py.test fixtures for AWS Chalice
pytest-check-0.3.5 A pytest plugin that allows multiple failures per test.
pytest-check-links-0.3.0 Check links in files
pytest-check-mk-0.1.1 pytest plugin to test Check_MK checks
pytest-checkdocs-1.2.2 check the README when running tests
pytest-checkipdb-0.3.5 plugin to check if there are ipdb debugs left
pytest-circleci-0.0.3 py.test plugin for CircleCI
pytest-circleci-parallelized-0.0.4 Parallelize pytest across CircleCI workers.
pytest-clarity-0.2.0a1 A plugin providing an alternative, colourful diff output for failing assertions.
pytest-cldf-0.2.1 Easy quality control for CLDF datasets using pytest
pytest-click-0.3 Py.test plugin for Click
pytest-cloud-3.0.0 Distributed tests planner plugin for pytest testing framework.
pytest-cobra-1.0.4 PyTest plugin for testing Smart Contracts for Ethereum blockchain.
pytest-codecheckers-0.2 pytest plugin to add source code sanity checks (pep8 and friends)
pytest-codestyle-1.4.0 pytest plugin to run pycodestyle
pytest-colordots-1.1 Colorizes the progress indicators
pytest-common-subject-1.0.1 pytest framework for testing different aspects of a common method
pytest-concurrent-0.2.2 Concurrently execute test cases with multithread, multiprocess and gevent
pytest-config-0.0.11 Base configurations and utilities for developing your Python project test suite with pytest.
pytest-console-scripts-0.1.9 Pytest plugin for testing console scripts
pytest-consul-0.2.0 pytest plugin with fixtures for testing consul aware apps
pytest-contextfixture-0.1.1 Define pytest fixtures as context managers.
pytest-contexts-0.1.3 A plugin to run tests written with the Contexts framework using pytest
pytest-cookies-0.4.0 The pytest plugin for your Cookiecutter templates 🍪
pytest-couchdbkit-0.5.1 py.test extension for per-test couchdb databases using couchdbkit
pytest-count-0.1.0 count erros and send email
pytest-cov-2.8.1 Pytest plugin for measuring coverage.
pytest-cov-exclude-0.0.9 Pytest plugin for excluding tests based on coverage data
pytest-cover-3.0.0 Pytest plugin for measuring coverage. Forked from `pytest-cov`.
pytest-cpp-1.1.0 Use pytest's runner to discover and execute C++ tests
pytest-cram-0.2.0 Run cram tests with pytest.
pytest-crate-0.3.0 Manages CrateDB instances during your integration tests
pytest-cricri-1.0 A Cricri plugin for pytest.
pytest-csv-2.0.2 CSV output for pytest.
pytest-curio-0.1.0 Pytest support for curio.
pytest-curl-report-0.5.4 pytest plugin to generate curl command line report
pytest-custom-exit-code-0.3.0 Exit pytest test session with custom exit code in different scenarios
pytest-custom-report-1.0.1 Configure the symbols displayed for test outcomes
pytest-cython-0.1.0 A plugin for testing Cython extension modules
pytest-dash-2.1.2 pytest fixtures to run dash applications.
pytest-data-0.4 Useful functions for managing data for pytest fixtures
pytest-datadir-1.3.0 pytest plugin for test data directories and files
pytest-datadir-ng-1.1.0 Fixtures for pytest allowing test functions/methods to easily retrieve test resources from the local filesystem.
pytest-datafiles-2.0 py.test plugin to create a 'tmpdir' containing predefined files/directories.
pytest-dataplugin-0.0.2 A pytest plugin for managing an archive of test data.
pytest-datatest-0.1.3 A pytest plugin for test driven data-wrangling (this is the development version of datatest's pytest integration).
pytest-dbfixtures-1.0.0 Databases fixtures plugin for py.test.
pytest-dbus-notification-1.0.1 D-BUS notifications for pytest results.
pytest-deadfixtures-2.1.0 A simple plugin to list unused fixtures in pytest
pytest-dependency-0.4.0 Manage dependencies of tests
pytest-depends-0.8.1 Tests that depend on other tests
pytest-deprecate-1.0.2 Mark tests as testing a deprecated feature with a warning note.
pytest-describe-0.12.0 Describe-style plugin for pytest
pytest-describe-it-0.1.0 plugin for rich text descriptions
pytest-devpi-server-1.7.0 DevPI server fixture for py.test
pytest-diamond-0.0.1 pytest plugin for diamond
pytest-dicom-0.0.1a0 pytest plugin to provide DICOM fixtures
pytest-diff-0.1.9 A simple plugin to use with pytest
pytest-diffeo-0.2.0 Common py.test support for Diffeo packages
pytest-disable-0.2 pytest plugin to disable a test and skip it from testrun
pytest-disable-plugin-0.1.2 Disable plugins per test
pytest-divide-and-cover-0.5.1 Picky test coverage for pytest
pytest-django-3.6.0 A Django plugin for pytest.
pytest-django-ahead- A Django plugin for pytest.
pytest-django-casperjs-0.1.0 Integrate CasperJS with your django tests as a pytest fixture.
pytest-django-gcir-2.8.1 A Django plugin for pytest.
pytest-django-haystack-0.3.0 Cleanup your Haystack indexes between tests
pytest-django-ifactory-0.2.1 A model instance factory for pytest-django
pytest-django-lite-0.1.1 The bare minimum to integrate py.test with Django.
pytest-django-model-0.1.9 A Simple Way to Test your Django Models
pytest-django-ordering-1.2.0 A pytest plugin for preserving the order in which Django runs tests.
pytest-django-queries-1.1.0 Generate performance reports from your django database performance tests.
pytest-django-sqlcounts-0.1.0 py.test plugin for reporting the number of SQLs executed per django testcase.
pytest-djangoapp-0.9.0 Nice pytest plugin to help you with Django pluggable application testing.
pytest-djangorestframework-0.1.2 A djangorestframework plugin for pytest
pytest-doc-0.0.1 A documentation plugin for py.test.
pytest-docgen-1.1.1 An RST Documentation Generator for pytest-based test suites
pytest-docker-compose-3.1.2 Manages Docker containers during your integration tests
pytest-docker-db-1.0.3 A plugin to use docker databases for pytests
pytest-docker-fixtures-1.3.5 pytest docker fixtures
pytest-docker-pexpect-0.9 pytest plugin for writing functional tests with pexpect and docker
pytest-docker-postgresql-0.1.0 A simple plugin to use with pytest
pytest-docker-py-1.1.3 Easy to use, simple to extend, pytest plugin that minimally leverages docker-py.
pytest-dockerc-1.0.5 Run, manage and stop Docker Compose project from Docker API
pytest-docs-0.1.0 Documentation tool for pytest
pytest-docstyle-1.5.0 pytest plugin to run pydocstyle
pytest-doctest-custom-1.0.0 A py.test plugin for customizing string representations of doctest results.
pytest-doctest-ellipsis-markers-0.1.0 Setup additional values for ELLIPSIS_MARKER for doctests
pytest-doctest-import-0.1.1 A simple pytest plugin to import names and add them to the doctest namespace.
pytest-doctestplus-0.4.0 Pytest plugin with advanced doctest features.
pytest-dolphin-0.3.9 Some extra stuff that we use ininternally
pytest-dotenv-0.4.0 A py.test plugin that parses environment files before running tests
pytest-drop-dup-tests-0.1.0 A Pytest plugin to drop duplicated tests during collection
pytest-dump2json-0.1.0 A pytest plugin for dumping test results to json.
pytest-dynamodb-1.2.0 DynamoDB fixtures for pytest
pytest-easy-api-0.0.3 Simple API testing with pytest
pytest-easyread-0.1.0 pytest plugin that makes terminal printouts of the reports easier to read
pytest-echo-1.6.0 pytest plugin with mechanisms for echoing environment variables, package version and generic attributes
pytest-elasticsearch-1.3.0 Elasticsearch process and client fixtures for py.test.
pytest-elk-reporter-0.1.6 A simple plugin to use with pytest
pytest-email-0.1 Send execution result email
pytest-emoji-0.2.0 A pytest plugin that adds emojis to your test result report
pytest-env-0.6.2 py.test plugin that allows you to add environment variables.
pytest-env-info-0.3.0 Push information about the running pytest into envvars
pytest-envfiles-0.1.0 A py.test plugin that parses environment files before running tests
pytest-envvars-1.0.0 Pytest plugin to validate use of envvars on your tests
pytest-eradicate-0.0.4 pytest plugin to check for commented out code
pytest-error-for-skips-1.0.0 Pytest plugin to treat skipped tests a test failure
pytest-ethereum-0.1.0a9 py.test plugin for testing Ethereum smart contracts
pytest-eucalyptus-0.3.3 Pytest Plugin for BDD
pytest-excel-1.2.3 pytest plugin for generating excel reports
pytest-exceptional-0.1.1 Better exceptions
pytest-expect-1.1.0 py.test plugin to store test expectations and mark tests based on them
pytest-expecter-1.3b4 Better testing with expecter and pytest.
pytest-expectr-1.4.2 This plugin is used to expect multiple assert using pytest framework.
pytest-external-blockers-0.0.1 a special outcome for tests that are blocked for external reasons
pytest-fabric-1.0.0 Provides test utilities to run fabric task tests by using docker containers
pytest-factoryboy-2.0.3 Factory Boy support for pytest.
pytest-failed-to-verify-0.1.5 A pytest plugin that helps better distinguishing real test failures from setup flakiness.
pytest-faker-2.0.0 Faker integration with the pytest framework.
pytest-falcon-0.4.2 Pytest helpers for Falcon.
pytest-falcon-client-2.0.1 Pytest `client` fixture for the Falcon Framework
pytest-fantasy-0.2.15 Pytest plugin for Flask Fantasy Framework
pytest-fastest-0.0.9 Use SCM and coverage to run only needed tests
pytest-faulthandler-2.0.1 py.test plugin that activates the fault handler module for tests (dummy package)
pytest-fauxfactory-1.1.1 Integration of fauxfactory into pytest.
pytest-figleaf-1.0 py.test figleaf coverage plugin
pytest-filedata-0.4.0 easily load data from files
pytest-filter-case-1.0.5 run test cases filter by mark
pytest-finer-verdicts-1.0.6 A pytest plugin to treat non-assertion failures as test errors.
pytest-firefox-0.1.1 pytest plugin to manipulate firefox
pytest-fixture-config-1.7.0 Fixture configuration utils for py.test
pytest-fixture-marker-0.1.0 A pytest plugin to add markers based on fixtures used.
pytest-fixture-order-0.1.2 pytest plugin to control fixture evaluation order
pytest-fixture-tools-1.0.0 Plugin for pytest which provides tools for fixtures
pytest-fixtures-0.1.0 Common fixtures for pytest
pytest-flake8-1.0.4 pytest plugin to check FLAKE8 requirements
pytest-flake8dir-2.1.0 A pytest fixture for testing flake8 plugins.
pytest-flakefinder-0.1.1 Runs tests multiple times to expose flakiness.
pytest-flakes-4.0.0 pytest plugin to check source code with pyflakes
pytest-flaptastic-0.0.25 Flaptastic py.test plugin
pytest-flask-0.15.0 A set of py.test fixtures to test Flask applications.
pytest-flask-sqlalchemy-1.0.2 A pytest plugin for preserving test isolation in Flask-SQlAlchemy using database transactions.
pytest-flask-sqlalchemy-transactions-1.0.2 Run tests in transactions using pytest, Flask, and SQLalchemy.
pytest-focus-0.1.1 A pytest plugin that alerts user of failed test cases with screen notifications
pytest-forcefail- py.test plugin to make the test failing regardless of pytest.mark.xfail
pytest-forked-1.1.1 run tests in isolated forked subprocesses
pytest-freezegun-0.3.0.post1 Wrap tests with fixtures in freeze_time
pytest-fxa-1.4.0 pytest plugin for Firefox Accounts
pytest-gc-0.0.1 The garbage collector plugin for py.test
pytest-gcov-0.0.1-alpha Uses gcov to measure test coverage of a C library
pytest-gherkin-0.1.7 A flexible framework for executing BDD gherkin tests
pytest-ghostinspector-0.4.0 For finding/executing Ghost Inspector tests
pytest-girder-3.0.4.dev8 A set of pytest fixtures for testing Girder applications.
pytest-git-1.7.0 Git repository fixture for py.test
pytest-github-0.3.1 Plugin for py.test that associates tests with github issues using a marker.
pytest-gitignore-1.3 py.test plugin to ignore the same files as git
pytest-greendots-0.3 Green progress dots
pytest-growl-0.2 Growl notifications for pytest results.
pytest-grpc-0.7.0 pytest plugin for grpc
pytest-hammertime-1.1.1 Display "🔨 " instead of "." for passed pytest tests.
pytest-harvest-1.7.2 Store data created during your pytest tests execution, and retrieve it at the end of the session, e.g. for applicative benchmarking purposes.
pytest-helper-0.2.2 Functions to help in using the pytest testing framework
pytest-helpers-namespace-2019.1.8 PyTest Helpers Namespace
pytest-hidecaptured-0.2.2 Hide captured output
pytest-honors-0.1.4 Enforce coverage and report on tests that honor constraints
pytest-html-2.0.0 pytest plugin for generating HTML reports
pytest-httpbin-1.0.0 Easily test your HTTP library against a local copy of httpbin
pytest-httpretty-0.2.0 A thin wrapper of HTTPretty for pytest
pytest-httpserver-0.3.4 pytest-httpserver is a httpserver for pytest
pytest-hue-1.0.0 Visualise PyTest status via your Phillips Hue lights
pytest-icdiff-0.2 use icdiff for better error messages in pytest assertions
pytest-idapro-0.4.3 A pytest plugin for idapython. Allows a pytest setup to run tests outside and inside IDA in an automated manner by runnig pytest inside IDA and by mocking idapython api
pytest-ignore-flaky-1.0.0 ignore failures from flaky tests (pytest plugin)
pytest-incremental-0.5.0 an incremental test runner (pytest plugin)
pytest-info-collector-0.3 pytest plugin to collect information from tests
pytest-informative-node-1.0.0 display more node ininformation.
pytest-inmanta-0.8.0 A py.test plugin providing fixtures to simplify inmanta modules testing.
pytest-inmanta-extensions-2019.3.1 Inmanta tests package
pytest-instafail-0.4.1 py.test plugin to show failures instantly
pytest-interactive-0.1.4 A pytest plugin for console based interactive test selection just after the collection phase
pytest-invenio-1.2.0 Pytest fixtures for Invenio.
pytest-involve-0.1.3 Run tests covering a specific file or changeset
pytest-ipdb-0.1-prerelease2 A py.test plug-in to enable drop to ipdb debugger on test failure.
pytest-ipynb-1.1.1 THIS PROJECT IS ABANDONED
pytest-isort-0.3.1 py.test plugin to check import ordering using isort
pytest-it-0.1.2 Pytest plugin to display test reports as a plaintext spec, inspired by Rspec:
pytest-jasmine-0.0.2 Run jasmine tests from your pytest test suite
pytest-jest-0.3.0 A custom jest-pytest oriented Pytest reporter
pytest-jira-0.3.0 py.test JIRA integration plugin, using markers
pytest-jobserver-1.0.0 Limit parallel tests with posix jobserver.
pytest-joke-0.1.1 Test failures are better served with humor.
pytest-json-0.4.0 Generate JSON test reports
pytest-json-report-1.1.0 A pytest plugin to report test results as JSON files
pytest-jsonlint-0.0.1 UNKNOWN
pytest-kafka-0.3.1 Zookeeper, Kafka server, and Kafka consumer fixtures for Pytest
pytest-kind-19.9.1 Kubernetes test support with KIND for pytest
pytest-knows-0.1.5 A pytest plugin that can automaticly skip test case based on dependence info calculated by trace
pytest-konira-0.2 Run Konira DSL tests with py.test
pytest-krtech-common-0.1.35 pytest krtech common library
pytest-lambda-1.1.0 Define pytest fixtures with lambda functions.
pytest-lazy-fixture-0.6.1 It helps to use fixtures in pytest.mark.parametrize
pytest-leaks-0.3.0 A pytest plugin to trace resource leaks.
pytest-level-0.1.1 Select tests of a given level or lower
pytest-libfaketime-0.1.2 A python-libfaketime plugin for pytest.
pytest-libnotify-1.0.0 Pytest plugin that shows notifications about the test run
pytest-listener-1.7.0 A simple network listener
pytest-litf-0.1.5 A pytest plugin that stream output in LITF format
pytest-live-0.1 Live results for pytest
pytest-localftpserver-1.0.0 A PyTest plugin which provides an FTP fixture for your tests
pytest-localserver-0.5.0 py.test plugin to test server connections locally.
pytest-localstack-0.4.1 Pytest plugin for AWS integration tests
pytest-logbook-1.2.0 py.test plugin to capture logbook log messages
pytest-logfest-0.3.0 Pytest plugin providing three logger fixtures with basic or full writing to log files
pytest-logger-0.5.1 Plugin configuring handlers for loggers from Python logging module.
pytest-logging-2015.11.4 Configures logging and allows tweaking the log level with a py.test flag
pytest-manual-marker-0.1 pytest marker for marking manual tests
pytest-mark-no-py3-0.1.0 pytest plugin and bowler codemod to help migrate tests to Python 3
pytest-marker-bugzilla-0.9.1.dev6 py.test bugzilla integration plugin, using markers
pytest-markers-presence-0.7.3 A simple plugin to detect missed pytest tags and markers"
pytest-markfiltration-0.8 UNKNOWN
pytest-marks-0.4 UNKNOWN
pytest-match-skip-0.2.1 Skip matching marks. Matches partial marks using wildcards.
pytest-matcher-1.3.3 Match test output against patterns stored in files
pytest-mccabe-1.0 pytest plugin to run the mccabe code complexity checker.
pytest-md-0.2.0 Plugin for generating Markdown reports for pytest results
pytest-memprof-0.2.0 Estimates memory consumption of test functions
pytest-menu-0.0.4 A pytest plugin for console based interactive test selection just after the collection phase
pytest-metadata-1.8.0 pytest plugin for test session metadata
pytest-metrics-0.2 Custom metrics report for pytest
pytest-mimesis-1.0.1 Mimesis integration with the pytest test runner
pytest-ml-0.1.0 Test your machine learning!
pytest-mocha-0.3.0 pytest plugin to display test execution output like a mochajs
pytest-mock-1.9.0 Thin-wrapper around the mock package for easier use with py.test
pytest-mock-api-0.1.0 A mock API server with configurable routes and responses available as a fixture.
pytest-mock-helper-0.2.1 Help you mock HTTP call and generate mock code
pytest-mockito-0.0.4 Base fixtures for mockito
pytest-mockredis-0.1.6 An in-memory mock of a Redis server that runs in a separate thread. This is to be used for unit-tests that require a Redis database.
pytest-mockservers-0.4.0 A set of fixtures to test your requests to HTTP/UDP servers
pytest-modifyjunit-1.5.post0 Utility for adding additional properties to junit xml for IDM QE
pytest-molecule-1.2.3 PyTest Molecule Plugin :: discover and run molecule tests
pytest-mongo-1.2.1 MongoDB process and client fixtures plugin for py.test.
pytest-mongodb-2.1.2 pytest plugin for MongoDB fixtures
pytest-monkeyplus-1.1.0 pytest's monkeypatch subclass with extra functionalities
pytest-monkeytype-1.0.1 pytest-monkeytype: Generate Monkeytype annotations from your pytest tests.
pytest-moto-0.2.0 Fixtures for integration tests of AWS services,uses moto mocking library.
pytest-mozwebqa-2.0 Mozilla WebQA plugin for py.test.
pytest-mp-0.0.4 A test batcher for multiprocessed Pytest runs
pytest-mpi-0.1.1 pytest plugin to collect information from tests
pytest-mpl-0.9 pytest plugin to help with testing figures output from Matplotlib
pytest-mproc-1.0.9 distributed pytest using multiprocessing
pytest-multihost-3.0 Utility for writing multi-host tests for pytest
pytest-mypy-0.4.1 Mypy static type checker plugin for Pytest
pytest-mypy-plugins-1.1.0 pytest plugin for writing tests for mypy plugins
pytest-mypyd-0.3.5 Mypy static type checker plugin for Pytest
pytest-mysql-2.0.1 MySQL process and client fixtures for pytest
pytest-needle-0.3.8 pytest plugin for visual testing websites using selenium
pytest-neo-0.2.1 pytest-neo is a plugin for pytest that shows tests like screen of Matrix.
pytest-nginx-1.1 nginx fixture for pytest
pytest-nginx-iplweb-1.1.1 nginx fixture for pytest - iplweb temporary fork
pytest-ngsfixtures-0.8.1 pytest ngs fixtures
pytest-nice-0.1.0 A pytest plugin that alerts user of failed test cases with screen notifications
pytest-nocustom-1.0 Run all tests without custom markers
pytest-nodev-1.0.1 Test-driven source code search for Python.
pytest-notebook-0.6.0 A pytest plugin for testing Jupyter Notebooks
pytest-notifier-1.0.3 A pytest plugin to notify test result
pytest-notimplemented-1.0.0 Pytest markers for not implemented features and tests.
pytest-notion-1.0.1 A PyTest Reporter to send test runs to
pytest-nunit-0.5.2 A pytest plugin for generating NUnit3 test result XML output
pytest-ochrus-0.0.6 pytest results data-base and HTML reporter
pytest-odoo-0.5.0 py.test plugin to run Odoo tests
pytest-odoo-fixtures-0.1.dev0 Project description
pytest-oerp-0.2.0 pytest plugin to test OpenERP modules
pytest-ok-2019.4.1 The ultimate pytest output plugin
pytest-only-1.2.1 Use @pytest.mark.only to run a single test
pytest-oot-0.6.1 Run object-oriented tests in a simple format
pytest-openfiles-0.4.0 Pytest plugin for detecting inadvertent open file handles
pytest-optional-0.0.3 include/exclude values of fixtures in pytest
pytest-optional-tests-0.1.1 Easy declaration of optional tests (i.e., that are not run by default)
pytest-orchestration-0.0.9 A pytest plugin for orchestrating tests
pytest-ordering-0.6 pytest plugin to run your tests in a specific order
pytest-osxnotify-0.1.7 OS X notifications for py.test results.
pytest-pact-0.0.0 A simple plugin to use with pytest
pytest-parallel-0.0.9 a pytest plugin for parallel and concurrent testing
pytest-param-0.1.1 pytest plugin to test all, first, last or random params
pytest-parametrization-2019.1.4 Simpler PyTest parametrization
pytest-parametrized-1.1 Pytest plugin for parametrizing tests with default iterables.
pytest-parawtf-1.0.2 Finally spell paramete?ri[sz]e correctly
pytest-paste-config-0.1 Allow setting the path to a paste config file
pytest-pdb-0.3.1 pytest plugin which adds pdb helper commands related to pytest.
pytest-pdb-break-0.0.6 A pytest command-line option for pdb breakpoints
pytest-peach-1.5.9 pytest plugin for fuzzing with Peach API Security
pytest-pep257-0.0.5 py.test plugin for pep257
pytest-pep8-1.0.6 pytest plugin to check PEP8 requirements
pytest-pgsql-1.1.1 Pytest plugins and helpers for tests using a Postgres database.
pytest-picked-0.4.1 Run the tests related to the changed files
pytest-pikachu-0.1.0 Show surprise when tests are passing
pytest-pilot-0.1.0 Slice in your test base thanks to powerful markers.
pytest-pings-0.1.0 🦊 The pytest plugin for Firefox Telemetry 📊
pytest-pipeline-0.3.0 Pytest plugin for functional testing of data analysispipelines
pytest-platform-markers-1.0.0 Markers for pytest to skip tests on specific platforms
pytest-play-2.3.1 pytest plugin that let you automate actions and assertions with test metrics reporting executing plain YAML files
pytest-plt-1.0.0 Fixtures for quickly making Matplotlib plots in tests
pytest-polarion-cfme-0.1.5 pytest plugin for collecting test cases and recording test results
pytest-polarion-collect-0.9 pytest plugin for collecting polarion test cases data
pytest-polecat-0.0.2 Provides Polecat pytest fixtures
pytest-ponyorm-0.3.3 PonyORM in Pytest
pytest-poo-0.2 Visualize your crappy tests
pytest-poo-fail-1.1 Visualize your failed tests with poo
pytest-postgres-0.6.1 Run PostgreSQL in Docker container in Pytest.
pytest-postgresql-2.2.0 Postgresql fixtures and fixture factories for Pytest.
pytest-pride-0.1.2 Minitest-style test colors
pytest-print-0.1.3 pytest-print adds the printer fixture you can use to print messages to the user (directly to the pytest runner, not stdout)
pytest-profiling-1.7.0 Profiling plugin for py.test
pytest-progress-1.2.1 pytest plugin for instant test progress status
pytest-prometheus-0.1 Report test pass / failures to a Prometheus PushGateway
pytest-prosper-1.0.0 Test helpers for Prosper projects
pytest-pspec-0.0.3 A rspec format reporter for Python ptest
pytest-pudb-0.7.0 Pytest PuDB debugger integration
pytest-purkinje-0.1.6 py.test plugin for purkinje test runner
pytest-pycharm-0.6.0 Plugin for py.test to enter PyCharm debugger on uncaught exceptions
pytest-pycodestyle-1.4.0 pytest plugin to run pycodestyle
pytest-pydev-0.1.1 py.test plugin to connect to a remote debug server with PyDev or PyCharm.
pytest-pydocstyle-1.5.0 pytest plugin to run pydocstyle
pytest-pylint-0.14.1 pytest plugin to check source code with pylint
pytest-pypi-0.1.1 Easily test your HTTP library against a local copy of pypi
pytest-pypom-navigation-2.0.3 Core engine for cookiecutter-qa and pytest-play packages
pytest-pyq-1.1 Pytest fixture "q" for pyq
pytest-pyramid-server-1.7.0 Pyramid server fixture for py.test
pytest-pytestrail-0.8.4 Pytest plugin for interaction with TestRail
pytest-pythonpath-0.7.3 pytest plugin for adding to the PYTHONPATH from command line or configs.
pytest-qt-3.2.2 pytest support for PyQt and PySide applications
pytest-qt-app-1.0.1 QT app fixture for py.test
pytest-quickcheck-0.8.3 pytest plugin to generate random data inspired by QuickCheck
pytest-rabbitmq-1.1.2 RabbitMQ process and client fixtures for pytest
pytest-race-0.1.1 Race conditions tester for pytest
pytest-rage-0.1 pytest plugin to implement PEP712
pytest-raises-0.10 An implementation of pytest.raises as a pytest.mark fixture
pytest-raisesregexp-2.1 Simple pytest plugin to look for regex in Exceptions
pytest-raisin-0.3 Plugin enabling the use of exception instances with pytest.raises
pytest-random-0.02 py.test plugin to randomize tests
pytest-random-order-1.0.4 Randomise the order in which pytest tests are run with some control over the randomness
pytest-randomly-3.1.0 Pytest plugin to randomly order tests and control random.seed.
pytest-randomness-0.1.0 Pytest plugin about random seed management
pytest-readme-1.0.0 Test your file
pytest-reana-0.5.0 Pytest fixtures for REANA.
pytest-recording-0.3.3 A pytest plugin that allows to record network interactions via
pytest-redis-2.0.0 Redis fixtures and fixture factories for Pytest.
pytest-redmine-0.0.1 Pytest plugin for redmine
pytest-reference-formatter-0.2 Conveniently run pytest with a dot-formatted test reference.
pytest-regressions-2.0.0 Easy to use fixtures to write regression tests.
pytest-regtest-1.4.2 pytest plugin for regression tests
pytest-relaxed-1.1.5 Relaxed test discovery/organization for pytest
pytest-remfiles-0.0.2 Pytest plugin to create a temporary directory with remote files
pytest-remotedata-0.3.2 Pytest plugin for controlling remote data access.
pytest-remove-stale-bytecode-4.0 py.test plugin to remove stale byte code files.
pytest-reorder-0.1.1 Reorder tests depending on their paths and names.
pytest-repeat-0.8.0 pytest plugin for repeating tests
pytest-replay-1.0.0 Saves previous test runs and allow re-execute previous pytest runs to reproduce crashes or flaky tests
pytest-report-0.2.1 Creates json report that is compatible with's linter message format
pytest-report-parameters-0.5.0 pytest plugin for adding tests' parameters to junit report
pytest-reportinfra-0.1 Pytest plugin for reportinfra
pytest-reportportal-1.0.8 Agent for Reporting results of tests to the Report Portal
pytest-reqs-0.2.1 pytest plugin to check pinned requirements
pytest-requests-0.3.0 A simple plugin to use with pytest
pytest-rerun-0.0.1 Re-run only changed files in specified branch
pytest-rerunfailures-7.0 pytest plugin to re-run tests to eliminate flaky failures
pytest-resilient-circuits-33.0.189 Resilient Circuits fixtures for PyTest.
pytest-resource-0.1.3 Load resource fixture plugin to use with pytest
pytest-responses-0.4.0 py.test integration for responses
pytest-restrict-3.0.0 Pytest plugin to restrict the test types allowed
pytest-rethinkdb-0.1.3 A RethinkDB plugin for pytest.
pytest-ringo-0.2.3 pytest plugin to test webapplications using the Ringo webframework
pytest-rng-1.0.0 Fixtures for seeding tests and making randomness reproducible
pytest-rotest-0.1.0 Pytest integration with rotest
pytest-rpc-1.1.1 Extend py.test for RPC OpenStack testing.
pytest-rt-0.5.0 pytest data collector plugin for Testgr
pytest-runfailed-0.6 implement a --failed option for pytest
pytest-runner-5.1 Invoke py.test as distutils command with dependency resolution
pytest-salt-2019.10.8 Pytest Salt Plugin
pytest-salt-containers-0.2.dev9 A Pytest plugin that builds and creates docker containers
pytest-salt-from-filenames-2019.1.30.post3 Simple PyTest Plugin For Salt's Test Suite Specifically
pytest-salt-runtests-bridge-2019.7.10 Simple PyTest Plugin For Salt's Test Suite Specifically
pytest-sanic-1.1.2 a pytest plugin for Sanic
pytest-scenario-1.0a6 pytest plugin for test scenarios
pytest-securestore-0.1.3 An encrypted password store for use within pytest cases
pytest-select-0.1.2 A pytest plugin which allows to (de-)select tests from a file.
pytest-selenium-1.9.1 pytest plugin for Selenium
pytest-selenium-pdiff-0.4.0 A pytest package implementing perceptualdiff for Selenium tests.
pytest-seleniumbase-0.2.0 Reliable Browser Automation & Testing Framework
pytest-sentry-0.1.0 A pytest plugin to report flaky tests to
pytest-server-fixtures-1.7.0 Extensible server fixures for py.test
pytest-serverless-0.6.0 Automatically mocks resources from serverless.yml file.
pytest-services-1.3.1 Services plugin for pytest testing framework
pytest-session-fixture-globalize- py.test plugin to make session fixtures behave as if written in conftest, even if it is written in some modules
pytest-session2file-0.1.9 pytest-session2file (aka: pytest-session_to_file for v0.1.0 - v0.1.2) is a py.test plugin for capturing and saving to file the stdout of py.test.
pytest-session_to_file-0.1.2 pytest-session_to_file is a py.test plugin for capturing and saving to file the stdout of py.test.
pytest-sftpserver-1.3.0 py.test plugin to locally test sftp server connections.
pytest-shell-0.2.1 A plugin for testing shell scripts and line-based processes with pytest
pytest-shutil-1.7.0 A goodie-bag of unix shell and environment tools for py.test
pytest-simple-settings-0.1.2 simple-settings plugin for pytest
pytest-single-file-logging-0.1.18 Allow for multiple processes to log to a single file
pytest-skipper-0.1.3 A plugin that selects only tests with changes in execution path
pytest-skippy-0.1.1 Automatically skip tests that don't need to run!
pytest-slack-2.1.1 Pytest to Slack reporting plugin
pytest-smartcollect-1.0.2 A plugin for collecting tests that touch changed code
pytest-smartcov-0.3 Smart coverage plugin for pytest.
pytest-snail-0.1.0.dev1 Plugin for adding a marker to slow running tests. 🐌
pytest-snapci-0.1.4 py.test plugin for Snap-CI
pytest-socket-0.3.3 Pytest Plugin to disable socket calls during tests
pytest-solr-1.0a1 Solr process and client fixtures for py.test.
pytest-sorter-0.1.8 A simple plugin to first execute tests that historically failed more
pytest-sourceorder-0.5.1 Test-ordering plugin for pytest
pytest-spark-0.5.2 pytest plugin to run the tests with support of pyspark.
pytest-spawner-0.1.0 py.test plugin to spawn process and communicate with them.
pytest-spec-1.1.0 pytest plugin to display test execution output like a SPECIFICATION
pytest-sphinx-0.2.2 Doctest plugin for pytest with support for Sphinx-specific doctest-directives
pytest-spiratest-1.0.0 Exports unit tests as test runs in SpiraTest/Team/Plan
pytest-splinter-2.0.1 Splinter plugin for pytest testing framework
pytest-split-tests-1.0.9 A Pytest plugin for running a subset of your tests by splitting them in to equally sized groups. Forked from Mark Adams' original project pytest-test-groups.
pytest-sqlalchemy-0.2.1 pytest plugin with sqlalchemy related fixtures
pytest-ssh-0.1 pytest plugin for ssh command run
pytest-start-from-0.1.0 Start pytest run from a given point
pytest-statsd-1.1.6 pytest plugin for reporting to graphite
pytest-steps-1.6.3 Create step-wise / incremental tests in pytest.
pytest-stepwise-0.4 Run a test suite one failing test at a time.
pytest-stoq-0.3.1 A plugin to pytest stoq
pytest-structlog-0.1 Structured logging assertions
pytest-structmpd-0.1.0 provide structured temporary directory
pytest-stub-0.1.0 Stub packages, modules and attributes.
pytest-stubprocess-0.1.0 Provide stub implementations for subprocesses in Python tests
pytest-study-0.14 A pytest plugin to organize long run tests (named studies) without interfering the regular tests
pytest-subtesthack-0.1.1 A hack to explicitly set up and tear down fixtures.
pytest-subtests-0.2.1 unittest subTest() support and subtests fixture
pytest-subunit-0.0.10 pytest-subunit is a plugin for py.test which outputs testsresult in subunit format.
pytest-sugar-0.9.2 pytest-sugar is a plugin for pytest that changes the default look and feel of pytest (e.g. progressbar, show tests that fail instantly).
pytest-sugar-bugfix159-1.0 Workaround for
pytest-super-check-2.0.0 Pytest plugin to check your TestCase classes call super in setUp, tearDown, etc.
pytest-svn-1.7.0 SVN repository fixture for py.test
pytest-symbols-0.1.1 pytest-symbols is a pytest plugin that adds support for passing test environment symbols into pytest tests.
pytest-tap-2.3 Test Anything Protocol (TAP) reporting plugin for pytest
pytest-tblineinfo-0.4 tblineinfo is a py.test plugin that insert the node id in the final py.test report when --tb=line option is used
pytest-teamcity-logblock- py.test plugin to introduce block structure in teamcity build log, if output is not captured
pytest-tempdir-2019.10.12 Predictable and repeatable tempdir support.
pytest-terraform-fixture-0.1.2 generate terraform resources to use with pytest
pytest-test-groups-1.0.3 A Pytest plugin for running a subset of your tests by splitting them in to equally sized groups.
pytest-test-this-0.3.0 Plugin for py.test to run relevant tests, based on naively checking if a test contains a reference to the symbol you supply
pytest-testbook-0.0.9 A plugin to run tests written in Jupyter notebook
pytest-testconfig-0.1.2 Test configuration plugin for pytest.
pytest-testdirectory-3.1.0 A py.test plugin providing temporary directories in unit tests.
pytest-testdox-1.2.0 A testdox format reporter for pytest
pytest-testlink-adaptor-0.33 pytest reporting plugin for testlink
pytest-testmon-0.9.19 find bugs 10x faster
pytest-testobject-1.0.0 Plugin to use TestObject Suites with Pytest
pytest-testrail-2.5.2 pytest plugin for creating TestRail runs and adding results
pytest-testrail2-2.7.6 A small example package
pytest-tesults-1.1.0 Tesults plugin for pytest
pytest-thawgun-0.0.1 Pytest plugin for time travel
pytest-threadleak-0.2.0 Detects thread leaks
pytest-timeit-0.3.0 A pytest plugin to time test function runs
pytest-timeout-1.3.3 py.test plugin to abort hanging tests
pytest-timeouts-1.2.1 Linux-only Pytest plugin to control durations of various test case execution phases
pytest-tipsi-testing-1.3.1 Better fixtures management. Various helpers
pytest-tldr-0.2.1 A pytest plugin that limits the output to just the things you need.
pytest-todo-0.2.1 A small plugin for the pytest testing framework, marking TODO comments as failure
pytest-toolbelt-0.1.0 This is just a collection of utilities for pytest, but don't really belong in pytest proper.
pytest-toolbox-0.4 Numerous useful plugins for pytest.
pytest-tornado-0.8.0 A py.test plugin providing fixtures and markers to simplify testing of asynchronous tornado applications.
pytest-tornado-yen3-0.5.2 A py.test plugin providing fixtures and markers to simplify testing of asynchronous tornado applications.
pytest-tornado5-2.0.0 A py.test plugin providing fixtures and markers to simplify testing of asynchronous tornado applications.
pytest-tornasync-0.6.0.post2 py.test plugin for testing Python 3.5+ Tornado code
pytest-translations-2.0.0 Test your translation files.
pytest-travis-fold-1.3.0 Folds captured output sections in Travis CI build log
pytest-trello-0.0.7 Plugin for py.test that integrates trello using markers
pytest-trepan-2.0.0 Pytest plugin for trepan debugger.
pytest-trialtemp-1.0.1 py.test plugin for using the same _trial_temp working directory as trial
pytest-trio-0.5.2 Pytest plugin for trio
pytest-twisted-1.12 A twisted plugin for py.test.
pytest-ubersmith-1.2.0 Easily mock calls to ubersmith at the `requests` level.
pytest-ui-0.3.4b0 Text User Interface for running python tests
pytest-unittest-filter-0.2.1 A pytest plugin for filtering unittest-based test classes
pytest-unmarked-1.3 Run only unmarked tests
pytest-vagrant-1.0.0 A py.test plugin providing access to vagrant.
pytest-variables-1.8.0 pytest plugin for providing variables to tests/fixtures
pytest-vcr-1.0.2 Plugin for managing cassettes
pytest-vcrpandas-0.0.2 Test from HTTP interactions to dataframe processed.
pytest-venv-0.2 py.test fixture for creating a virtual environment
pytest-verbose-parametrize-1.7.0 More descriptive output for parametrized py.test tests
pytest-virtualenv-1.7.0 Virtualenv fixture for py.test
pytest-voluptuous-1.1.0 Pytest plugin for asserting data against voluptuous schema.
pytest-vts-0.4.8 pytest plugin for automatic recording of http stubbed tests
pytest-vw-0.1.0 pytest-vw makes your failing test cases succeed under CI tools scrutiny
pytest-warnings-0.3.0 pytest plugin to list Python warnings in pytest report
pytest-watch-4.2.0 Local continuous test runner with pytest and watchdog.
pytest-wdl-1.1.1 Pytest plugin for testing WDL workflows.
pytest-webdriver-1.7.0 Selenium webdriver fixture for py.test
pytest-wetest-1.0.1 Welian API Automation test framework pytest plugin
pytest-wholenodeid-0.2 pytest addon for displaying the whole node id for failures
pytest-winnotify-0.4.1 Windows tray notifications for py.test results.
pytest-workflow-1.2.1 A pytest plugin for configuring workflow/pipeline tests using YAML files
pytest-xdist-1.30.0 pytest xdist plugin for distributed testing and loop-on-failing modes
pytest-xdist-debug-for-graingert-0.0.1 pytest xdist plugin for distributed testing and loop-on-failing modes
pytest-xfiles-0.2.0 Pytest fixtures providing data read from function, module or package related (x)files.
pytest-xpara-0.1.1 An extended parametrizing plugin of pytest.
pytest-xprocess-0.12.1 pytest plugin to manage external processes across test runs
pytest-xvfb-1.2.0 A pytest plugin to run Xvfb for tests.
pytest-yaml-1.2.1 This plugin is used to load yaml output to your test using pytest framework.
pytest-yamltree-0.1.1 Create or check file/directory trees described by YAML
pytest-yamlwsgi-0.6 Run tests against wsgi apps defined in yaml
pytest-yapf-0.1.1 Run yapf
pytest-yapf3-0.5.1 Validate your Python file format with yapf
pytest-yield-1.0.0 PyTest plugin to run tests concurrently, each `yield` switch context to other one
pytest-zafira-1.0.3 A Zafira plugin for pytest
pytest-zap-0.2 OWASP ZAP plugin for py.test.
pytest-zigzag-1.1.1 Extend py.test for RPC OpenStack testing.
pytest_docker_tools-0.2.0 An opionated set of helpers for defining Docker integration test environments with py.test fixtures.
pytest_gae-0.2.4 pytest plugin for apps written with Google's AppEngine
pytest_markdown-0.0.7 A py.test plugin that runs tests its found in your Markdown files.
pytest_matrix-0.6 Provide tools for generating tests from combinations of fixtures.
python-clu-0.3.8 CLU - Common Lightweight Utilities, or Command-Line Utilities (your pick)
python-hiptest-0.0.0 Unofficial python API client for Hiptest
querify-0.1.0 InfluxQL / MySQL / Mongo query generator from json-represented filters (mongodb-like query objects)
recommender-engine-0.3.0 A recommendation application using either item-based or user-based approaches
responsysrest-0.1.9 Python client library for the Responsys Interact REST API
rigor-0.5.9 rigor
sat-search-0.2.2 A python client for sat-api
schemathesis-0.9.0 Hypothesis strategies for Open API / Swagger schemas
seaworthy-0.4.2 Test Docker container images
seleniumbase-1.32.9 Fast, Easy, and Reliable Browser Automation & Testing.
sentinel-s3-0.8.0 Python libraries for extracting Sentinel-2's metadata from Amazon S3
sg-test-env-0.0.1 This is the SG_Test_Env Project
sg-testing-0.0.30 This is the SG_TESTING Project
sipster-0.0.1 Pure python tools for SIP testing
slim-0.0.4 github:
snapshottest-0.5.1 Snapshot Testing utils for Python
specd-0.2.8 specd
stestdata-0.1.0 Variety of remote sensing data for testing
tasting-0.0.1 A code-driven QA reporting library
tavern-0.9.9 Simple testing of RESTful APIs
tavern-extended-0.9.1 Simple testing of RESTful APIs
tavern-grpc-0.30.11 Simple testing of RESTful APIs
testaid-0.9.7 Fixtures for ansible, testinfra and molecule
testinfra-3.2.0 Test infrastructures
tidypy-0.9.0 A tool that executes a suite of static analysis tools upon a Python project.
transfer-learning-0.2 Transfer learning info.
type_comparable-0.3.dev9 Helper for checking variable equivalence by type. Useful for tests.
unmock-0.1.2 The Unmock Python clent
uw-webdriver-recorder-1.0.9 Enhances a selenium webdriver to record screenshots along the way
websauna.tests-1.0a8 Test fixtures for Websauna
wikilink-0.3.0.post1 A multiprocessing web-scraping application to scrape wiki pages and find minimum number of links between two given wiki pages.
worldmor-0.3.1 Arcade 2D survival game.
xdoctest-0.9.1 A rewrite of the builtin doctest module
xparser-0.0.4rc0 An XResources parser for python applications.
xthematic-0.0.3 cli app for customizing terminals
yaop-0.1.1 Yet Another Option Parser (full fledged)